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Carmel Palti and Mrs. Yael Karov presented their on-line error checker to
the British Dyslexia Association New Technologies Group last week. Key
features of the software are:

1. Automatic correction of most error types, including: unusual
spelling, misused words (real-word errors), extra word insertion or word
omission, grammar mistakes (verb inflection, wrong preposition/article
usage, plural/single, etc.).
2. Correction is done based on the error context, and it is automatic
in most cases. In the remaining cases the system suggests few alternatives,
combined with voice, definitions, and sample sentences.
3. Corrections are made while the user is writing a document in
Microsoft Word. Corrections while writing in web applications, such as
gmail, chats, and forums are planned as a second stage.
4. Reports and statistics are supplied to the users and their
teacher/trainer, describing the most common mistakes, and progress over
5. The system learns the user's writing patterns, and improves over

At the moment it does not correct grammar, punctuation or help with
vocabulary. These features are meant to be coming on line in 2009. The
developers do not wish it to be known as a spell checker, but when it saves
errors to its database, it is only saving individual words and not their

There are concerns about the data it collects as you will need to supply
age, area you live in and a few other things to help it learn which
corrections need to be provided - say homophones for USA rather than UK. The
developers went out of their way to say the only data stored on their
servers would be the spelling errors so it can go on improving correction
rates. I think this needs to be checked out a bit more.

The layout is good and the idea seems clever if you always work on-line -
the problem is that for some students this may not always be the case. So I
am not sure what they use when they are off-line - maybe they will develop a
freestanding model or pen drive.

Licensing costs could be an issue - payment by year or whatever - possible
GBPs follow -apologies.
Cost -subscription per annum Home user £100 to £160. Schools license
dependent on PC's and users £50 to £2500

In UK I reckon we would be seeking corrections levels of above 80% to make
it better than spell checkers already on the market. The developers seemed
to think this was possible over time with the built in learning systems.

Best wishes E.A.

Mrs E.A. Draffan
Learning Societies Lab,
ECS, University of Southampton,
Tel +44 (0)23 8059 7246

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Hello, folks. I'm sure many of you received this same email from Ginger
Software regarding their new correction software. If anyone who attends the
AHEAD conference also checks out this vendor, would you please share your
impressions/observations with me upon your return? On the one hand, it
sounds to me like a tool that would help a number of students that I work
with; on the other hand, it sounds almost too good to be true, especially
for use by college and grad-school students. Your feedback would therefore
be greatly appreciated, since I am unable to attend the conference myself.

Thanks in advance, and wishing folks a happy holiday (in the US, at
least) weekend, and safe travels.


Teresa Haven, Ph.D.
Access Technology Specialist
KOKUA Program
University of Hawai'i Manoa


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To: thaven at hawaii.edu
Subject: Introduction to Ginger Software's Automatic Text Correction

Dear Teresa,

Ginger software has developed revolutionary software which uses context
to automatically correct text.

Ginger's breakthrough technology can automatically correct whole
sentences and most writing mistakes including, unusual spelling
mistakes, misused words, grammar errors and vocabulary. Our software
will enable students with language difficulties such as dyslexia to
fulfill their true potential in school, at home and in the work
environment by finally being able to write texts independently.

Today's writing tools (MS Word and others) offer a poor service to this
community, struggling with writing, providing automatic correction of <
20% of their writing mistakes. These are some examples of the results
you could achieve by using Ginger in comparison to MS Word.

Student: I lick two pla artseid sed tom.
Ginger: I like to play outside said Tom.
MS-Word: I lick two pal arsenide seed tom.

Student: This is much wares than the other one
Ginger: This is much worse than the other one
MS-Word: This is many wares than the other one

Student: becals thay ea so fut.
Ginger: Because they are so fat.
MS-Word: becalms they ea so fut.

Student: My idle holiday wood bee on a Geak Iland were
the sea was clear blue and fild whith moultey coulerd fish and the sun
givs just anuf heat so it isnt cold but it isnt scorching hot
Ginger: My ideal holiday would be on a Greek Island
where the sea was clear blue and filled with multi colored fish and the
sun gives just enough heat so it isn't cold but it isn't scorching hot
MS-Word: My idle holiday wood bee on a Geake Inland were the
sea was clear blue and field with molten cooler fish and the sun gives
just annul heat so it isn’t cold but it isn’t scorching hot

Student: I live ner scul. I lik nater
Ginger: I live near schools. I like nature
MS-Word: I live nerd scull. I like natter

Ginger's revolutionary solution will automatically correct 95% of the
mistakes people with learning difficulties make, providing this
community with a life changing experience.

Ginger also offers a set of complementary tools that enable educators,
and parents to analyze and track students' progress. The system provides
detailed reports and analysis of most frequent mistakes at student /
class / school / district level.

We also have very valuable data to share with the research community -
the first large database of dyslexic people's writing mistakes, tagged
with user's age and the mistakes' source (analysis of common factors
and properties of the mistakes).

We will be exhibiting at the AHEAD conference and would like to set up a
time to meet there if you are available.

Looking forward to your reply,


Miki (Michal) Feldman-Simon

VP US Operations

Ginger Software

Cell: 1 617 230 6600

MikiF at gingersoftware.com


Ginger Software is dedicated to enabling people with learning
difficulties to dramatically improve their written communication.

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