[Athen] Brl back translators

Mike Gibson mikegibson at boisestate.edu
Wed Jul 9 08:15:48 PDT 2008

I would concur with you Jim. The TTS on the Stream leaves a little to be
desired. I have installed Vocalizer Tom and while the inflection is a
little more to my liking the sound quality is still that digital fuzzy
sound and it tends to studder a bit. When I worked at Humanware R&D told
me they had to reduce the sound quality to 8 bits and 11 khz to minimize
memory taken up by the TTS.

Mike Gibson
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Norm, how do you like the text-to-speech feature of the Victor Stream?
While the Stream is by far the best audio player I've ever used, it's
text-to-speech is fuzzy and awkward. I'm curious if you find the

Jim Marks
Director of Disability Services
University of Montana
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Victor stream just announced it will play brf so I guess I don't need
one now.

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