[Athen] ATHEN iTunes U Accessibility Evaluation

Humbert, Joseph A johumber at iupui.edu
Wed Jul 16 07:09:43 PDT 2008

Please help us get the message out to Apple by completing this evaluation of the iTunes software!

Please follow the link below:

ATHEN iTunes U Accessibility Evaluation<http://www.tripleeclipse.com/athen/survey/survey.php>

The evaluation will run from July 16th through September 16th, 2008.

A request will be sent to the following listservs next week.



* California listservs - Jayme Johnson


We encourage you to post it to other listservs. If you do we ask you email Joe Humbert johumber at iupui.edu<mailto:johumber at iupui.edu> So we can keep track and send out reminders.

Thank You

ATHEN iTunes U Accessibility Working Group.
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