[Athen] FW: Freedom Scientific suit against GW Micro

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Interesting news...

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Subject: [UACCESS-L] Freedom Scientific suit against GW Micro

FYI -- This involves the two leading screen reader companies in our field.
Freedom Scientific has sued GW Micro for infringing a patent that FS filed
on the placemarker feature of a JAWS virtual web page. A blog article that
supplies the legal text is

"Freedom Scientific Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against GW Micro"

The technical text of the patent claim is

"United States Patent: 6993707"

An initial response by GW Micro is

"Do companies really compete on who has the best lawyers?"

The FS web site does not appear to mention the suit at this time.

I encourage people to become informed about this, and to express their views
through appropriate channels.


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