[Athen] Help re Explorer 7 and google

Phillip Goodman goodman at eri-wi.org
Sat Jul 26 15:12:16 PDT 2008

Go to add /remove programs in the control panel and remove the Google
toolbar and Google desktop application if it is installed. They are both
useless and invasive to your system. If your home page is set to Google or
not you can always access that search option by going to their homepage.
Why would anyone need the other installations? IE has a form field filler as
an add-on anywho. Of course those applications are storing the information
you input to form fields, just as IE does. The best way to clean that
information out periodically is to use this utility www.ccleaner.com
Be careful as it will also wipe out passwords stored and some other
information you may want to keep track of before you use it.

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When I come to a form to fill in, I keep hearing a message that my google
toolbar can fill it in for me. I don't know how to turn that OFF!! Not
only don't I want it to do that, but I really fear that it can be keeping
that data and storing it somewhere.
I thought it was that google was my explorer preferred search. I changed
that but I still get that not helpful request.

Any help?


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