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Robert Beach rbeach at kckcc.edu
Tue Jun 3 05:22:40 PDT 2008

As far as the magnification side, it really shouldn't matter much what format the files are in as long as the student has the application to open them. For the voice side, you know from working with Window-Eyes that the files must have text behind the image or the voice will not have anything to work with. If they are image only PDFs and the student wants the voice and not just magnification, then you would be better off to convert to a text-based format such as Word, TXT, or RTF.


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>>> "Dave M. Thomas" <Dave.M.Thomas at studentlife.du.edu> 6/2/2008 5:24 PM >>>

Good afternoon!

Are there file formats that Zoom text works better with (either with or
without speech)? I have 2 books in PDF for a student and am wondering
whether or not I ought to run them through a virtual print and save them
as RTFs or something else. I've used Window-Eyes for years but never
Zoom Text.

Thank you for your comments.


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