[Athen] Word to PDF includes Word codes

Terry Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 5 13:58:44 PDT 2008

Just a quick follow-up:

This appears to have been the result of updates that Microsoft rolled out
recently for its Office suite. My Print Options dialog in Word now contains
in its "Include With Document" section items like "Document Properties"
(which attaches a summary page) and "Field Codes" (which displays codes
instead of text). Both of these were checked by default, as was "Reverse
print order", which conveniently arranges documents in reverse order with
the title at the end.

Thanks to those who contacted me off-list with suggestions!


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> Has anyone encountered this before? I'm printing from Word

> 2003 to PDF. I've done this many many times, but today for

> the first time the PDF contains Word codes instead of text in

> places like page numbers and tables of contents. There's also

> a summary page added to the end of the PDF document - that

> too is new. It's doing this in all my documents, not just one.


> This seems to be an Acrobat Distiller issue because if I

> print to PDF through the File > Print menu, bypassing the

> Adobe PDFMaker plug-in, I get the same result. The new

> summary page tacked onto the end of the document makes me

> think this is a setting rather than a bug, but I can't find

> it. I even tried reinstalling Adobe Acrobat Professional 8,

> but the problem persists.


> Any hunches?


> Thanks,

> Terry


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