[Athen] SurveyMonkey and 508

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Thu Jun 19 14:43:55 PDT 2008

A quick check here shows very positive results. The new SurveyMonkey
templates do in fact make a dramatic difference, esp. for screen
reader navigation.

The clearest improvement is the "On a scale of 1-5" type questions,
which have always been difficult to navigate reliably. Now I can
navigate through using either table navigation commands or the arrow
keys to change radio button selection.

Some duplicate/repetitive reading of labels, but overall good.

Thanks for joining the party, SurveyMonkey! ...

One potential downside: I didn't find any mention in the press
release about the survey creation tool itself being 508 compliant.
More research for next week. ...


At 02:37 PM 6/18/2008, Sean Keegan wrote:

>It appears that SurveyMonkey (the online survey tool) has been "Section 508

>Certified" by RampWEB Web accessibility consulting. Check out their online

>page at http://www.surveymonkey.com/HelpCenter/Answer.aspx?HelpID=247 .


>There are certainly some names associated with this announcement and I am

>curious if anyone has taken SurveyMonkey for a spin to see the

>functionality. Definitely on my to do list.


>(Thanks to Jayme for the heads-up)


>Take care,


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