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Dragon recognizes phrases rather than individual words, so you
are right--pausing between words is not a good solution. I have
successfully trained Dragon users with some pretty heavy accents, so
unless there is something in particular about his speech that confuses
Dragon I think he will be able--with some work on his part--to get
Dragon to be useful for him. I tell students, "You and Dragon will need
to come to an agreement about how you will speak and how Dragon will
interpret your speech."
That said, here are some suggestions:
1. The less background noise, the easier it is for Dragon to
separate speech from junk, and a consistent dictating environment also
makes Dragon's job easier
2. Microphone placement, as described in the manual, is
critical, and again, consistency produces the best results.
3. Version 9 Professional is significantly better than V8
4, I have had consistently good results with the microphone
included with the software, but you might try a higher quality
5. The more computer memory you have, the better Dragon will
6. Upgrading the computer sound card may help.
7. Higher processor speed (> 1.5 ghz) helps.
8. Laptops typically do not workas well a desktops.


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Hi all,

Any suggestions on this one? I'm thinking that DNS version 9 would be a

better choice but thought someone may have run into something similar
and has suggestions.



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Hi all, anyone have some experience with Dragon Naturally Speaking
ver. 8? I just installed it for one of our scientists, who is an
Israeli with a heavy accent. He can't get the software to understand
him at all, the initial training wizard just keeps waiting for him to
say something it can understand. The training wizard understands me
just fine, so I think the software is ok.

His English is good, I suspect the problem is that his words have a
sibilant hiss due to the accent. Is there a more hard core training
method in the software (rather than the initial wizard) that might
help? Any other ideas? The only other thing I can think of is to
try to have him pause between words, but the manual makes it sound
like pauses can also cause problems.




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