[Athen] Classroom Accommodations

Kelmer, Susan M. SKelmer at stlcc.edu
Mon Mar 3 06:55:52 PST 2008

Being a "person of size" myself, I'm always dismayed to walk into any
classroom and find that there is no alternative seating whatsoever.
People of size aren't the only ones in need of special seating; anyone
with mobility issues, leg injuries/damage, or simply arthritis would
much rather sit at a table with a chair than one of those combo
desk/seat thingies that should have been replaced in the 70's.

Our campus still has rooms with those atrocious seating arrangements,
but through attrition, are being replaced with simple tables and chairs,
that are ultimately adjustable for just about anyone.

Good for you for thinking ahead. Now go a step further and start making
sure there is alternative seating in every classroom.

Susan Kelmer

Adaptive Technology Specialist

Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms/IAL

Technology and Educational Support Services/

Campus Technology Support Services

St. Louis Community College at Meramec


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