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No Ron - you are usually just not allowed to sit up front :-)

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I think the prudent thing to do would be to have it available upon need and it should be a standard part of every facilities plan in my opinion. It would also be a great step forward to have a variety of seating options available in our classrooms.

I know I don’t typically fit into those wonderful student desks in most campuses.

Ron Stewart

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Good Morning All,

I have a situation that I would like to run by you. One of our enrolled students for the Fall, 08 semester has disclosed himself as morbidly obese. He does not use a wheelchair, but has difficulty climbing stairs, etc. Our concern lies with the furniture even though the student and his family have not expressed any concerns about this. However, my colleagues and I feel that the student will have some issues fitting in to some of the seating situations on campus. We are also concerned about the weight capacity of the furniture. My question is, do we arrange for alternative seating in advance of the students arrival even though he has not asked for it, or do we wait for the student to bring it up. We are trying to avoid any uncomfortable/embarrassing moments but we do not want to make assumptions about what the student needs because of the sensitive situation. Any advice would be helpful.


Bridget McNamee

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