[Athen] DAISY-related Presentations at 2008 CSUN

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 3 17:35:54 PST 2008

Hello, Athenites:

I don't know whether you all call yourselves that, but perhaps you
should consider it.

At any rate, I thought I'd share this information with you with usual
apologies for cross-posting.

For those who will be attending CSUN next week, there will be many
DAISY-related presentations this year. A list may be found on the
DAISY Consortium's Web site, here:


and I'll also paste the list below my name. For details about times
and locations, please consult the CSUN conference schedule at:



-- The Victor Reader Stream - Portable DAISY, NISO, and MP3 Player
speaker: Michel Pepin

-- Life Cycle of a DAISY Book with Math: From Authoring to Players
speakers: Piotr Brzoza, John Gardner, Dennis Leas, Masakazu Suzuki,
Neil Soiffer

-- DAISY Track: The Most Widely Adopted Accessible Reading Technology
in History
speakers: Lynn Leith, George Kerscher, David Andrews, Gaeir Dietrich

-- DAISY Track: Demand DAISY OK
speakers: George Kerscher, Lynn Leith

-- Fast and Easy Markup of DTBook Files
speaker: Niels Thogersen

-- DAISY Track: DAISY Production from a Text Source
speakers: George Kerscher, Ron Stewart, Peter Proscia, Dennis Leas,
Reed Shaffner

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