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Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 5 07:21:00 PST 2008


GMail, with the basic HTML interface, works fine with Window-Eyes
6.1, so I presume that Google has built it so that it's not designed
to work with only one screen reader.

I don't believe that it has all of the same features and
functionality as the "normal" interface, however.

Setting up a GMail account with IMAP or POP access may be worth considering.

I wouldn't call the basic HTML interface perfect, but it's certainly usable.


At 07:11 AM 3/5/2008, you wrote:

>My university is considering Google Gmail as a replacement for the

>current student email system. I have seen posts discussing Gmail

>accessibility issues here in the past.


>Can anyone tell me if the Basic HTML interface works well with JAWS

>9, and does it provide the same functionality as the standard Gmail interface?



>Thanks in advance.




>Jeff Sykes

>Assistive Technology Coordinator

>Disability Support Services

>Division of Inclusion and Equity

>Grand Valley State University






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