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Thu Mar 6 15:55:58 PST 2008

I'll second (third, fourth, fifth) the previous accolades about
GhostReader. It only does a few things (read aloud with
human-sounding voices, highlight while reading, and convert to MP3)
but does them very well. Several Stanford students use it. I even
relied on its earlier incarnation (TextParrot) for quick-and-dirty
augmentative communication when my mouth was wired shut because of a
jaw fracture back in 2006. (People came to know me as "Hi, I'm
Heather, the female American English speech synthesis voice from

- Shelley Haven

Quoting eileen berger <bergerei at gse.harvard.edu>:

> Hi all,

> What screen reader is best for a mac when the student with a learning

> disability uses it only for text reading?

> Thanks,

> Eileen




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