[Athen] Looking for poorly designed Flash site

Kelly Ford kelly at kellford.com
Sun Mar 9 18:18:19 PDT 2008

A web search for most web sites done in Flash will easily turn up hundreds
of examples. I just did a search for Flash web site and the first hit that
came up was:


My intent isn't to single this site out but browsing to it, you can find
many examples of Flash accessibility problems.

How about http://www.pepsi.com. Seems to use some Flash deal on the main

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Hello All:

I'm looking for a poorly designed Flash site - i.e. one that is not
accessible to use in my presentation at CSUN. Disney is one I'm aware of.
I'm wondering if there are any others.

Thanks in advance,


Howard Kramer
Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
AT Conference Coordinator
Disability Services
CU-Boulder, 107 UCB
Boulder, Co 80309

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