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Lisa Fiedor lisa_fiedor at ncsu.edu
Mon Mar 24 08:59:28 PDT 2008

Actually, I'm scoping out the development of an accessibility production
service for our campus, and was wondering whether anyone has done that
somewhere else. Our faculty are generally not experienced web
developers, and there is interest in providing a service that will work
with their online course materials and either redesign or retrofit them
to be accessible. The majority of our public sites are accessible, but
when it comes to course pages, there is some work that needs to be done.
By whom, is the question.


Phil Teare wrote:

> Looking at your site, its not so bad. Which areas are you wanting work done

> on? Are they they public, for me to have a poke at?

> Cheers

> Phil



> On 24/03/2008, Phil Teare <phil.a.teare at googlemail.com> wrote:


>> While most would say rewrites are better than retrofitting (and I'd

>> agree), if you have the resources/time... we could look at it as a project.

>> Talklets and V Browser offer fairly unique add-on services. They can both be

>> bespoke tailored to work around the shortcomings of a given legacy system.


>> Best,

>> Phil

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