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Mon Mar 24 13:39:02 PDT 2008

"Play it again Sam" as they say in the movies!

Well these 2 opportunities were so good, we want to let you have access to
their audio archives to hear at your convenience
Bookshare audio: http://easi.cc/archive/bshare/bshare.htm
Bookshare Web: http://www.bookshare.org
NLS audio: http://easi.cc/archive/nls/lib.mp3
NLS Web: http://loc.gov/nls


Two online courses: 1 Train the Trainer, 2 Accessible Multimedia, podcasts
and Vodcasts
(See the registration bonus below for each of these courses)

4-part Webinar series: "What You See Is What You Get" Web Design
(See the registration bonus below for this series)

Free Webinar: Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic Update

Webinar Snapshot Accessible Products: How to Know What to Buy?

Webinar Snapshot: Making Accessible Online Surveys

Podcasts and Vodcasts: 4 feeds each month

EASI annual Webinar membership provides access to all Webinars for a year
as well as other member features. To get both individual and institutional
membership details, send email to norm at easi.cc

Train the Trainer is an online, asynchronous course on the Web which you
can access at any time. It includes some hands-on experience with demos of
adaptive technologies. It is not intended to make you an advanced expert
in these applications; it aims to make you familiar enough with them that
you can provide training to students with disabilities so they can utilize
them to do their studies. There is a bonus CD aimed for lab assistants to
help them provide on-the-spot aid to students with disabilities

Accessible Internet Multimedia: Podcasts, Vodcasts and Streaming
This will focus more on making multimedia accessible than on the nuts and
bolts of creating multimedia. It will explain what is required by Section
508 and introduce MAGpie, Macaw and more. For Vodcasts it will show to
insert the text into the actual movie. The bonus is a multimedia
presentation on making flash accessible using Captionate

Four part fee-based Webinar series
"What You See Is What You Get" Web Design
April 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 2 PM Eastern Daylight
Presenter: Dick Banks
Special Bonus
You can get a five part narrated video presentation of the accessibility
features in Dreamweaver MX 2004/Dreamweaver 8.0 with a paid registration to
this four part fee-based Webinar series
If you create Web pages using Notepad or you are a seasoned Web author, this
course isn't for you
If you don't understand HTML code when you see it, this course demonstrating
creating Web pages with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors will
you design Web pages and design them so they are both attractive and are
accessible to surfers with disabilities
We will use two web WYSIWYG editors. The first is Dreamweaver MX 2004 or
Dreamweaver 8 which is a commercial authoring tool that is well known in
authoring circles. The second program is called KompoZer/Nvu. KompoZerNvu
is an
open source FREE WYSIWYG editor with versions for Windows, Mac or Linux. This
makes if possible for anyone to take the series.
Thee are many challenges to accessing the Web for users with disabilities.
series will cover those areas that are the most challenging. You will download
all the materials you need for the series. Since all participants will be
with the same work files, you will be able to work together and learn from
other as well as the instructor. Read more and register at:

Free Webinar: Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic Update
This is an excellent to the March Webinars on Bookshare and NLS. The date
and presenter have not yet been finalized. This will either be in late
April or early may. Watch the Webinar page

The 2 Snapshots for April are:
Webinar Snapshot Accessible Products: How to Know What to Buy? April 9 2 PM
The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, (VPAT),is a tool designed by the
government both to help vendors understand accessibility and to highlight the
features of their product as well as a tool to help the buyers sort through
jungle of confusing details and help them make informed decisions. This is the
first of a series of Webinars explaining the VPAT and other tools including
GSA site's accessibility purchasing wizard. Section 508 is about more than the
Web but involves all purchases of electronic-related purchases.

Webinar Snapshot: Making Accessible Online Surveys Wed. April 23 at 2 PM
This will be a brief demonstration of a product that creates surveys and which
can also make surveys that are fully accessible.
All Webinar registrations are at:

When you go to the Webinar page, we recognize the details including dates
and registration links are limited. Our Webinars in January and February
plus the March CSUN conference meant were sliding behind in nailing down
future plans. Our goal is to get back on track in the next couple of
weeks. Please "stay tuned in" and we promise details will be filled in

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