[Athen] Alternate format production time/costs data?

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This would be great to hear about in November! I have some current numbers that I use in presentations that are better than imaginary but I am certain Susan's number will be more accurate. I can send these to anyone who wants them. Or -- better yet -- attend the UCONN PTI Conference in June (Portland, Maine) and enjoy my entire strand presentation!

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I am currently working on documentation that includes just such metrics.
I will be presenting this information at Accessing Higher Ground in
Boulder in November. I will be able to provide my published metrics and
methods at that time, if you can wait that long. It is going to take me
all summer to write this stuff, but I have the data to work with after
four measured semesters of production.

Susan Kelmer

Adaptive Technology Specialist/

Lab Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms

St. Louis Community College - Meramec


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I just completed my portions of the 2008 Survey on Accessible Technology
in Higher Ed (due Fri 5-16-08 @ http://www.athenpro.org/survey/)

and was wondering if anyone knows of any surveys that have been done
regarding the time/production costs for alternate formats.

For instance, below is some sample production time tracking data for
producing certain e-textbooks @ PPCC:




06 Spring

Discovering Computers: Fundamentals


06 Fall



Go Access


Go Excel


Go PowerPoint


Go Word


07 Spring

Philosophical Journey


07 Summer



07 Fall

Essentials of Business Law


Radio Station, The


Thank you,

Michael Nusen
Coordinator, OASIS/CAC
(Office of Accommodative Services and Instructional Support/Computer
Access Center)
Pikes Peak Community College
michael.nusen at ppcc.edu <mailto:michael.nusen at ppcc.edu>

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