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Joshua Hori jhori at ucdavis.edu
Mon Nov 10 14:39:29 PST 2008

Hey Athens,

For those of you that are wanting to build your hard drive space...Tiger direct has a 1.5T (SATA) hard drive on sale for $150. Of course, you'll want to buy 2 of them to build RAID 1 and back up all the work that you are doing.

What about that OCR software topic? I've only heard about ABBYY, which is what I'm currently using, but I've often wondered what I'm missing out on with Omnipage or another software package that I have yet to hear about. Is there a big difference....or any difference at all? Since I'm somewhat close to ABBYY headquarters (Fremont, CA), I have had them visit our offices to offer a little help here and there with tips/shortcuts that we didn't know about...and yes, they were pretty helpful.

As for storage space, I'm sharing a networked server with our graphics team which has 1.4T of shared space between us on a RAID 1. We have it connected on a 1G line and have realized that the Finereader documents save to the server as edits are made (NICE!!)...but don't leave that document open overnight (which my students have done) cause you risk losing all the information within the file. Oh yeah, and my graphics team has learned to hate me...I take up more space than they do!

Wish that I could have been at AHG with everyone...

Joshua Hori

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I'm not a fanboy of any particular shopping site .. NewEgg, Tiger, Amazon ... they are all the same. I figure out what I need and then shop around for the best price. Though I do recommend Servers Direct out of CA for their customer service.

Anyway Jean --

Digilife Media uses a centralized server (actually multiple servers) to run the production process. Our staff logs into the production server to do all tasks. This unit has dual quad cores and a hefty amount of RAM and several TB's of storage. If you want particulars on the OS and other matters you are welcome to contact me off-list.

Just so you know -- Digilife does not maintain a central brick office space. All of our work is done digitally and in a virtual environment. We have not gone all '2nd lifey' yet but that is a possibility. I work out of my home in NE Massachusetts and the server is located in West Central MA. We have staff logging in from locations throughout the Commonwealth and elsewhere. If you would like to know how Digilife can help your organization set up something similar, feel free to contact me off-list (or chat with me over a beer at Accessing Higher Ground next week).

While I have your ear - I have experienced the concerns of IT folks in many permutations. Here again - perhaps we can help either independently or in cooperation with Ron's AltFormatSolutions.com collaborative.

Best --- Dann

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| So Dann,


| Do you have the TB-sized external networked to all the computers you

| use

| ABBYY on or do you have one for each? I'm currently debating with

| myself on

| whether or not to just get an external for each comp and only use the

| server

| to pop a batch file to a different comp or to do a networked one...


| Thanks, Jean - who got yelled at A LOT by her I.T. folks this

| semester

| because of the enormity of server space being used.


| PS - enjoy AHG everyone.

| PPS - Other than the file size issues and a couple of other view

| quirks, I

| do like the newer version of ABBYY. The initial scan and OCR is

| lightning

| fast compared to 7.0.



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