[Athen] Pulse smartpen now Mac-compatible

Shelley Haven rmhaven at stanford.edu
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I don't know -- we'll have to wait 'til we can
download the beta next week to find out. (The
only info I have is from those press releases.)

- Shelley Haven

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>Is the PDF tagged?


>Cheers, Karen


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>For all you notetaking pen aficionados...the

>LiveScribe Pulse smartpen is now Mac-compatible.

>You'll be able to download the public beta of

>the software by next Monday (11/24). The

>software works with existing smartpens (no need

>to buy a different pen). Also, the new software

>allows Mac users (but not Windows users) to

>download their audio recordings as AAC files and

>their notes as PDF files.


>Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Now Ready for Mac



>Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen is Ready for the Holidays - Now Mac Compatible



>- Shelley Haven



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