[Athen] The New and Improved Perkins Brailler

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HI All,
I have a colleague at Emerson College, Anthony Bashir, who asks if anyone
*a model for designing an ad hoc access technology committee or *who has
conducted a survey/study of accessibility and/or
*is willing to share results or their survey questions for this small
liberal arts college?

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> New and imprtoved with less weight, less noise, and less force - it will

> be with you wherever you go.

> [http://www.boston.com/business/technology/articles/2008/10/03/a_lighter_

> touch/]



> The Boston Globe has a story this morning on the new and improved Perkins

> Brailler. Anyone who has used one of these stalwarts of access knows they

> are not the most user friendly for our 21st century ultra portable ideal

> of communication. While others have been mucking about with trying to add

> text to speech to cell phones, or make DAISY players that are unplugged

> on the go, or even tactile electronic paper, the engineers over at

> Perkins have been quietly redesigning and improving the most solid, most

> reliable, and most fundamental access tool of them all.

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