[Athen] [ATHEN] MS Word Benchmarking

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
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I agree there are some good features in Word 2007 and some great add ons as
well. I am working on a lot of alt format conversion and I will tell you
that due to the performance issues with Word 2007 I am going to stick with
Word 2003 as long as I can.

Ron Stewart

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Hi Ron,

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 9:43 PM, Ron Stewart <ron at ahead.org> wrote:

Some might find this interesting, more ammo on why to stick to Word 2003 if
you can.

Benchmarking Microsoft Word 95 through Word 2007


Ron Stewart MS

Thanks, very interesting link.

If LD students are properly guided and instructed, there are reasons

to move to contextual spelling editors like Word-2007 and Ghotit with Word
plugins coming

very soon.

A previous porting may be of reference:


and benchmarks are here:



Robert Iakobashvili, Ph.D.

www.ghotit.com <http://www.ghotit.com/>

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