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Interesting posting in the Chronicle of Higher Education Wired-Campus Blog about students watching video lectures in fast forward .

Some professors report that when their students are reviewing class materials, the students speed up online recordings of lectures and zip through hour-long presentations in as little as 30 minutes. Sure, their professors sound like chipmunks. But the students say they can absorb the information faster than the professors deliver it. As per usual with this blog, the comments make even better reading than the initial posting with discussion back and forth regarding how sensible it is to belive that students really can improve their comprehension level by viewing or listening to lectures and other course materials at high playback speed. Several folks from the disability services realm (especially from those experienced in working with the Blind and visually impaired) report the high speed at which users of JAWS and other screenreaders rev up their playback.

Several supporting articles and papers are linked from the comments section, including and article from the New York Times , a paper (in PDF format) presented to an institutional Instructional Design Center , and a link to a blog with similar information . As can be expected, there are numerous detractors posting comments and it should be recognized that ' speed listening ' is not going to be equally effective for everyone, but it is at least worth a try.

I have some personal experience with speed listening in that my friend and business partner swears by it and has gotten me trying it as well. from the time he discovered DAISY Talking Books he starts the semester by listening to all of his books at high speed once thru. In his words this provides an overview of the material and sets and outline of sorts in his mind. Later on, when he reads for specific assignyemts, he slows the rate down and listens more intently. What he has found personally is that his comprehension of the reading material skyrockets. This is especially true when he is able to view the text on screen as well as listen audibly.

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