[Athen] AHG proctoring volunteers, new ATHEN members, ATHEN meeting at AHG

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Hi Howard and all ATHEN Members


1) Yes - please do post the meeting information on the website. It is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Thursday right after the vendor area closes. Location is to be determined by you or the conference staff.

REMINDER -- Please review the bylaw changes on the ATHEN website for discussion and voting at the annual meeting. Any items for the agende need to be e-mailed to me (and soon).

2) I encourage every ATHEN member to proctor at least one session. Don't forget to mention ATHEN in your introduction.

3) I agree with such a recognition. I assume a member or members who knew John and Dick well will step up and lead this effort.

4) Good to know there are new members joing through the vehicle of the conference.

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Hello All:

| A couple of questions, all of them important:

| 1 - should I post information on the conference site about the ATHEN meeting? Will this be at 6:30 on Nov. 13 (Thurs)? Do you have a specific blurb you want me to post?


| 2 - I could use volunteer proctors. For those of you attending and willing to do this, please look through the schedule and let me know if there are particular sessions you're willing to do. FYI - the proctor gives out the evaluation forms and goes for help for the speaker if needed. The latest schedule is posted on the conference site: http://www.colorado.edu/atconference/ .


| 3 - I thought doing some type of recognition/memorial for John Slatin & Dick Banks would be appropriate. Norm had sent me some video of Dick. What do others think - a flyer in the packet? Does anyone want to take the lead on this?


| 4 - FYI - As of a few weeks ago, there were 14 new ATHEN sign-ups via the conference.

| Thanks,

| Howard

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