[Athen] fir pop quiz "ME Websites"

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Fri Sep 12 14:56:56 PDT 2008

The Contact Us link points to our friends at GSA. Might be worth
dropping them a line/call for clarification.

<mailto:section.508 at gsa.gov? subject=508website>section.508 at gsa.gov

If it was a UK site it'd make sense, as in: "Cooh! All ME websites
are knackered!" ...


At 12:17 PM 9/12/2008, James Bailey wrote:

>So I get a call from a campus web developer asking about "ME

>websites" and I draw a blank. The phrase appears on


>and I search that site and still drew a blank.


>Anyone care to enlighten me?


>Thanks and have a great weekend.





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