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I received this e-mail from a reseller. We've had sum discussion in the
list about remote capturing could somebody summarize the pros and cons
of any these products if you know them. It is great to hear your
experiences either online or off



His reseller wrote:

Providing services for hearing impaired students can be a challenging
and costly task. Balancing the needs of the student against a finite
(if not shrinking) budget is difficult. We believe that our products and
services can help you towards achieving that balance.

We have assembled some of the 'best in class products' and services
available in the areas of captioning, CART and face to face
communications. Please visit our website at www.mhsa.us
<http://www.mhsa.us/> or contact us at info at mhsa.us for more info on
our solutions.

Live Captioning and CART

Caption Mic is a speech recognition captioning software which allows the
user to produce live captions for video and CART applications. An
institution trains their own staff to act as voice captioners. The
captions can be integrated into live video streams or displayed directly
in the classroom. The resulting text can also used as class notes.

Caption Mic can use used on-site or from a remote location. Caption Mic
may also be used to caption pre-produced media in a variety of formats.

Captioning pre-produced media

CaptionSync is a service of Automatic Sync Technologies (AST).
CaptionSync is web based service that creates caption files in a variety
of formats. A user simply uploads their media and transcript to AST and
a timed caption file is created and returned within minutes. AST can
also produce the transcript of the uploaded media. For the latest
CaptionSync newsletter:

Face to Face communications

The UbiDuo is a device developed by a deaf man to allow for
communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime. The UbiDuo consists of two
keyboards and displays that allow for simultaneous communication between
two (or more) parties. This gives a deaf person the independence and
freedom to communicate with anyone. Many institutions are providing
UbiDuo units for their deaf employees or for departments on their campus
to allow staff members to communicate with hearing impaired clients and

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