[Athen] DNS mini course?

Scott Kupferman scottk44 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 17:19:58 PDT 2009

Hi Carol,

The Assistive Technology Training Center here at Sonoma State Univ.
originally offered a fairly comprehensive DNS training course. However, we
have now set up other options, such as (1) a lending library of DNS
material for self-paced study, (2) a network of advanced DNS users
(students) who are willing to mentor new DNS users, and (3) half day
workshops. Obviously each student is different and comes in with varying
levels of basic computer skills...thus, each of the above-mentioned training
options have their place.

Feel free to email me off list to chat more. I'll try to compile some
training documents for you as well.

Scott Kupferman
Assistive Technology Specialist/Lab Coordinator
Sonoma State University
scott.kupferman at sonoma.edu

2009/3/11 Carol Raymundo <Carol.Raymundo at linnbenton.edu>

> I am wondering if any of you offer Dragon Naturally Speaking as a mini

> course? Our college offers a course but it is very business related and

> there is a higher level reading involved. Simply put, it is to intense for

> students who just want to speak their papers and exams. I am interested in

> making it easy and fun to learn. We have so many students who could benefit

> from using the program but the class is causing a lot of stress for

> those who take it. I am interested in any course syllabus that you may have

> and brief description of what is covered.


> I am thinking that I would offer 3 or 4 weeks of training twice a term and

> offer follow-up appointments with those who need additional assistance. I

> am open for any suggestions and appreciate the help. You may e-mail me off

> list if you wish.


> Thank you!




> Carol Raymundo

> Instructional Specialist with Assistive Technology

> Linn-Benton Community College

> Office of Disability Services

> Phone: 541-917-4832

> Fax: 541-917-4328


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