[Athen] Possible changes in student email clients

Gerry Nies gerrynies at mail.und.nodak.edu
Tue Apr 28 08:32:09 PDT 2009

We looked at these products about a year ago. I asked both vendors about
accessibility. Microsoft response was it can be done it is not direct
but very doable. Google's response was, well, aah, um we think it can be

Needless to say it was interesting for the powers that be to hear that
and helped influence us choosing MS which has not been implemented yet
due to some other factors.

>>> Heidi Scher <hascherdss at gmail.com> 4/27/2009 4:17 PM >>>

Hi all,
Our IT department is currently looking at the email client we are using
well as reviewing Microsoft’s Live at edu and Google Apps to see which
better serve our student body email needs. Thought I'd ask the experts
you have any tips/hints regarding accessibility issues with either of
last two apps.
THANKS to all!!

Heidi Scher, M.S., CRC
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Center for Educational Access
University of Arkansas
ARKU 104
Fayetteville, AR 72701
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