[Athen] Dragon 10 and Mouse Grid

Ed. Rosenthal edward at ngtvoice.com
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I recently had the same phenomenon while working with a client... let me
make this suggestion: from the Words menu of the Dragon bar select Train,
and then train the word click (make sure to enter it in the editable text
field in lowercase as I have done in this example). Then have been given an
audio sample of the word click.

The reason I'm recommending the command be trained in this way is that
NaturallySpeaking uses a variable command for the mouse click functions, so
you couldn't train the command itself in the Command Browser. By training
the command word component click, I am hopeful that you will find that the
mouse click and mouse grid commands are recognized more appropriately.

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> First, when is the last time that the computer was powered off?

The computer is shut down daily (one of the first things I checked - you
trained me well!). <grin>

> The ambient noise issue can be aided by doing a > few minutes of general
training in each new setting > (Tools > Accuracy Center Perform General

Good idea - I will suggest this as well. I am also planning to have another
in-person meeting to assess microphone placement, how the person is actually
speaking the command, etc. In previous meetings, the speech volume would
become softer over the course of an hour or so.

Take care,

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