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We used Williams Sound many years ago, but are now using Comtek FM systems. We found them to be more durable and to last longer. They have great sound quality and also work well in large auditorium style classes. It also has a great feature called a "smart mic" (which you have to order). This will allow a microphone on the student's receiver to pick up sounds when the instructor is not speaking so it helps if there is other discussion in the class or if an announcement is made. They are more expensive, but we find the quality and durability to be worth it. Let me know if you have more questions.

Here is a link to the one we use. http://www.comtek.com/at216.html

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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for feedback and advice on purchasing personal FM systems. WE
have a Williams Sound unit that's about 10 years old. I need to purchase 3
or 4 more units for students to use in classrooms this fall.

Of course ease of use for students and instructors, reliability, and sound
quality are all factors for consideration. Is williams Sound still
considered a viable option or are there better alternatives? This is one
area I will admit being ignorant on.

Thanks in advance.


Mike Gibson
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Boise State University
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