[Athen] EASI Podcasts Revised and Resumed

Prof Norm Coombs norm.coombs at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 15:39:44 PDT 2009

For several years, EASI has provided 3 Podcast feeds. With our loss of
Dick Banks, a year ago and even during his illness for a few months before
then, we let our podcasts fall by the wayside.

The news is that we are reviving them but with some revisions. We continue
to offer periodic Podcast recordings of conference presentations. We
recently posted a presentation on 508 from the Higher Ground
conference. We'll have more of these soon as we want to alert you to the
fact that the conference will be this November and you can register now.

The previous podcast, "It's about People, not technology" is being
revived. The rss feed for it still functions but the name of the feed is
changed to be "Accessible Information Technology News and Interviews". We
have 2 new podcasts there by Dr. Denise Wood from Australia taken from her
radio interviews, and she is focusing on Second Life.

The Feed on Vodcasts will be revived in a week or so.
The old feed called "Tips and Tricks" is being discontinued.

You can read more, or subscribe to the feeds or even play the audio online
by selecting the Podcast link on our home page:

We still miss Dick. I am being tremendously helped by our friend from
Mexico, Marisol Miranda. (This will make Dick very happy.)

Norm Coombs

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