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Shawn Foster FosterS at sou.edu
Wed Aug 26 09:11:28 PDT 2009

Since I sent you my original questions, I've purchased a DX as well
(mostly for my own coursework, but also to assess for my students). The
one oddity I'm noting is that on occasion and without provocation
(annoyingly) it resets - wiping out my library, then moving some items
to Archived, then finally restoring everything as it was about 36 hours
later. WTH? I've not had much response on this from Amazon.

Also, if you want to take a look, I've blogged on the Kindle.

Thanks for making your material available afterward... with budgets the
way they are, my travel is restricted to walking across campus...

Shawn Foster
Assistive Technology Consultant
Southern Oregon University
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"Kelmer, Susan M." <SKelmer at stlcc.edu> wrote:

I have a Kindle DX, and am preparing a presentation for Accessing
Higher Ground for November. I know what questions I have in assessing
the device, but I know there are others. I asked a couple months ago on
the list, but did not get much of a response. I know there are some
campuses that are requiring students to use the Kindle, and I’d like to
address the accessibility issues in my presentation.

Please send me your questions, on or off-list, so I can add them to my
list of things to check out.


And of course, notes, power points, and at least an audio recording of
my presentation will be available for free after my presentation in
November, so everyone can benefit, even if they aren’t at AHG.

Susan Kelmer
Adaptive Technology Specialist/
Lab Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms
St. Louis Community College - Meramec

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