[Athen] the greenwood dictionary of Education

eileen berger bergerei at gse.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 1 08:01:00 PST 2009

The greenwood dictionary of education is going into a second edition
without disability language/ vocabulary or any reference to access

Please forward to me in 250 words or less your definition or list of
definitions of educational terms which are important for linguists and
other users of the language to know and which you think must be included.
John Collins, director of the HGSE lbrary, is editor and has asked me to
accumulate disability vocabulary.
If your word or words are chosen they will be published and your name will
be included as the reference/author of the definition!
Please submit as soon as possible!!
Thank you- sincerely..
Eileen Berger
Any questions feel free to call me @ 617 495 9608!
Eileen Connell Berger
Assistant Director
Office of Student Affairs,
Access and Disability Services Administrator
Harvard University
Graduate School of Education
Longfellow Hall 046
13 Appian Way,
Cambridge, Ma. 02138
phone: 617 495 5838
fax: 617 496 8024
bergerei at gse.harvard.edu


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