[Athen] where are you getting your accessibility info?

Melanie Thornton mpthornton at ualr.edu
Mon Dec 7 06:33:28 PST 2009

I have started using a combination of google docs and delicious
bookmarking for those items like you mentioned so that eventually I can
move away from keeping anything in email. If I cut and paste the
relevant content into a google document, then I can save and tag it in
my delicious account. (I can choose to make it private or public in
both google docs and delicious.) I may have 3 or 4 emails saved as one
google document with a name that fits.

I find the ability to tag items much more helpful than using traditional
folders in browser bookmarking.

I hope this helps, Susan. I'm sold on delicious.com!


Kelmer, Susan M. wrote:

> I am fond of email, and fond of bookmarking sites that are helpful. But

> what I NEED is a really good database of information that is readily

> updatable and available for me. I often see things that I think, "I

> might need that someday" and keep the email, which then gets buried

> after another few days of emails never to be seen again, or I bookmark a

> site, only to "lose"/forget it in a pile of hundreds of bookmarks I

> keep.


> So much good information comes through on a daily basis, but I don't

> know how/have the time to organize it in a way that would truly help me

> the most. If someone could solve that problem, I'd be in heaven!


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