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Terrill Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
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This has great potential as an alternative to typing with the iPhone on-screen keyboard, which is technically accessible but quite cumbersome for VoiceOver users. However, Pratik Patel and I have exchanged several communications today (until now entirely on Twitter and Facebook) about some problems I'm having using Dragon and VoiceOver together.

For Pratik, the Dragon buttons are verbalized by VoiceOver. It sounds like the main button that's used to start dictation does not have an appropriate label (Pratik says it sounds something like "/var/mobile/applicat"), but the other buttons are labeled "messaging_keyboard", "messaging_send", and "record_off".

For me though, whenever I launch Dragon with VoiceOver running, VoiceOver shuts up. It speaks in every other app, and resumes speaking after I leave Dragon, but doesn't speak at all within the Dragon app.

I've tried rebooting the phone, and tweaking every reasonable setting (and a few unreasonable ones) within Settings menu system.

As others experiment this, please report back on what your experiences are. I'm curious whether this is just something weird with my phone, or if it's a common problem.


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This could be exciting news indeed, especially if it works without much
interference to Voiceover. Thanks for sending it along.


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