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Good Afternoon list!

*Forgive the cross posting*

Here is some more information (and videos) on Assistive software and hardware from http://abilitynet.wetpaint.com/
I created this list as a quick reference as to what is available on the site. Enjoy!
Wiki of Accessible Software and Hardware:
Accessories (adjustable height arms for monitors, desktops, chairs, wrist rests and gel pads, furniture products and misc support aids)

* Includes videos on hardware usage and sites for purchasing

Keyboards (including mouth sticks):

* Includes videos on hardware usage, reviews of products, and sites for purchasing

Mice (including joysticks, Using a mouse with your feet, trackball with pointer, and finger mice):

* Includes videos on hardware usage, reviews of products, and sites for purchasing

Touchscreens and Tablet PC's:

* Includes videos on hardware usage, reviews of products, and sites for purchasing


* Includes videos on hardware usage, and a site (Trackballworld) for purchasing

Reading and Writing Devices (including Intel Reader, Livescribe Smartpen, bamboo tablets, Digiscribble, Pegassus Mobile NoteTaker, Note Taker, G-Note, Wacom tablets, scanning pens, Reading Pen TS Oxford, and a Franklin Spellmaster):

* Includes videos on hardware usage and there are some resellers listed as well.

* There is a link at the bottom of the page explaining handwriting recognition within Vista, MS Office, as well as Math Recognition using Silverlight and Google)

* Here are 2 videos for the livescribe pen that is not on the wiki:

o Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU_RKv5zemM

o Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoKYAO5cpOU&feature=related


* One video on joystick usage with a few reseller sites listed.

Scanners (Hardware and Software related):

* Includes videos on hardware/software usage and there are resellers listed as well.

Switches (Switches, Wireless - Mechanical - Electronic, Mouse Switch interface, Xbox 360 sip and puff controller, switch activate toys, impulse Bluetooth switch, and Magnetic controls):

* Includes videos on hardware usage, switch set up reviews, and there are some resellers listed as well.

Whiteboards (Interactive Whiteboards, Promethean, Smartboard, and Whiteboards using a Wii remote):

* Includes videos on hardware usage, and links to suppliers.

Headsets and Microphones:

* Includes videos on hardware usage with links to other resources.


Free and Low Cost solutions:

* List of sites that provide open source accessible software. Majority of software is for Windows based operating systems, but there are a few Linux based assistive technology listed as well.

* Free Assistive software written by Chris Stringfellow

* ATutor - Open Source Web-Based Learning Content Management System

* AccessApps - Huge range of open source and freeware that you can access from a USB drive

* Design Science MathPlayer

* OATSoft - improving Open Source development techniques

* ICT Hub - choosing software

* Internet4Classrooms (I4C) - free training for teachers

* SENSELANG - Free touch typing tutor on the internet

* Wisdom-Soft (FREE AutoScreenRecorder!!!)

Voice Recognition

* Multiple video demos

* Dragon Naturally Speaking

* Vista Voice Recognition

* Voice recognition on the Apple Mac

* Voice recognition in other languages

Text Help and Word Prediction

* Useful Text Help and Word Prediction Resources

On Screen Keyboards

* Microsoft Windows Onscreen Keyboard

* Alternative Onscreen Keyboards

o Grid 2 and GridKeys

o Click N Type

o Clicker 5

o Penfriend XL

* Apple Specific

o KeyStrokes

o Envoy

* Additional Resources

* Changing from QWERTY to DVORAK

* Linux OSK

Portable Software Solutions

* Portable Apps website

* ELearning Accessibility and Inclusion

* Numerous downloadable links for accessible software available as freeware

Mouse emulation

* General information

* Technological Requirements

Break Reminder Software

* Multiple types of software for the PC and Mac that make users take breaks

Operating System Accessibility
XP Accessible features
Mutliple links to Microsoft web pages concerning accessibility features within XP which include:

* Using the Accessibility Wizard

* Adjusting Accessibility Options

* Adjusting Display, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet, Sounds and Audio, Taskbar, User Accounts, and Speech Options

* Using Utility Manager

* Using On-Screen Keyboard, Narrator, and Magnifier

Vista Accessible features
Multiple links to videos on Accessibility of Vista

* Vista basics

* Windows Vista Accessibility Demonstrations

* Accessibility Tutorials

o Ease of Access Center and Accessibility Tools

o Make the Computer Easier to See

o Make the Keyboard Easier to Use

o Make the Mouse Easier to Use

o Use the computer without Mouse or Keyboard

o Use the Computer Without a Display

o Make it Easier to Focus on Tasks

o Use Text or Visual Alternatives for Sounds

o Use Speech Recognition

o Make the Internet Easier to Use

* Windows Accessibility - Video Tutorials (YouTube)

o Changing the Resolution

o Adjusting the Font Size

o Changing Windows colors

o Making the Mouse Cursor Larger

Windows 7 Accessible features

* What's new in Windows 7?

* Windows 7 Accessibility

o Link to a summary of accessible features within Windows 7

* Windows 7 Presentations

* Windows 7 Magnifier

* Windows 7 Magnifier across multiple monitors

* Windows 7 Speech Recognition (Looks promising!!)

* Windows 7 On Screen Keyboard

* Windows 7 Desktop - user first expressions

Apple Mac Accessible features

* Videos on Mac accessibility (VoiceOver, Speech Recognition, and other accessible software) as well as links to other resources and resellers.

Linux Accessible features

* Different Linux flavors (SUSE, Red Hat, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, etc.) and desktops (Mint, GNOME, and KDE) are discussed as well as the accessible software available to them.

* Has factsheets linked to the page.

* Resources listed at bottom of page

Ubuntu Accessible features

* Multiple videos on setting up and making Ubuntu accessible.

Logging into your computer

* Information on different programs used to login to computers using a USB token.

* Software discussed: Rohos Logon Key, Dekart Logon, and MatchLogon

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