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Susan et al,

Dragon Naturally Speaking has a speech-to-text option which includes a
portable recording device and Voice Tracer software. If Dragon is loaded
(wherever) and his voice profile is loaded or accessible, he can record
into the portable device and use any computer with DNS to transfer
files. It isn't the same as a portable dictation but it is close.

Would it work as a partial solution? I am not aware of any truly
portable voice recognition programs (such as Kurzweil and RW Gold have
for their mobile versions).


Kelmer, Susan M. wrote:


> Thanks for everyone’s answers. I think I failed to explain myself clearly.


> We can put Dragon anywhere on campus and I can make his voice files

> available easily anywhere here. No problem there. What he really wants

> to do is carry a device with him that he can use ANYWHERE, at home, at

> the other college he attends, at the library, at a friend’s house,

> when traveling out of town on a laptop, etc. He is looking at the big

> picture (again, good on him!) and I’d love to be able to tell him

> there is something out there that will do it.


> I don’t think there is, I can’t find one, but you just never know

> until you ask.


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