[Athen] meetings / get-togethers planned for CSUN

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According to the ATHEN by-laws, planning for meetings is the job of the Program Committee (7.2.3) and the Vice President is charged with working with the Program Committee (5.3.2).

So, is there a Program Committee? I suspect not, but just to be sure it would be nice to have a current list of committees and their members on the ATHEN website, as well as minutes from the Boulder meeting (take note, Web Development Committee!)

In the absence of a Program Committee, meeting planning would seem to be the task of the Vice President, but I'm not 100% sure who that is. I don't think the election results have been certified, have they? If not, Dan Comden and/or Pratik Patel are still VP. Meanwhile, I'm hanging out here like Al Franken, waiting to take office. I saw in the news though that Al has been holding meetings and conducting business as if he were senator, much to his opponent's displeasure. So maybe I should follow Al's lead and do vice presidential things like organize a CSUN meeting. If there is anyone out there who is interested in serving on, or is already serving on, the Program Committee to help with meeting logistics, please let me know.



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As the Secretary I have organized these over the past few years. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance this year. Running your own business means having to make such choice - but I also understand that if I was still working full time there would be no money in the budget this year.

Have fun in the sun and someone make an In-and-Out run for me!

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There should be but no one has organized one yet that I am aware of.



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Hello All:


| Are there any ATHEN meetings or events scheduled for CSUN?


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