[Athen] Elluminate - accessibile or not?

Sean Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 25 10:36:08 PST 2009

> Is anyone familiar with the product called Elluminate Learning Suite?

The CA community college system adopted Elluminate about a year or so
ago. The version 9 system was an improvement over their previous
versions in terms of accessibility. There are still some issues, but I
do not know if some of those issues will ever be resolved with how
current technologies are progressing (e.g., making Whiteboard interface
fully accessible to screen-reader, etc.).

One thing that I did not have a problem with was the audio issues and I
wonder if it may have had to do with how Elluminate provides audio
support. In the CA community college implementation, audio support was
initially provided through a phone bridge - participants did not use the
voice-over IP solution (VOIP) in Elluminate. I basically set my audio
volume to zero in Elluminate and everything was fine when testing with
screen-readers (I did not allow Elluminate to control my audio
settings). That being said, there has been an attempt to move to VOIP,
but I am/was not part of that testing solution.

You can also configure the interface to different layouts that can
reduce the number of "regions" on the screen. That may be useful
depending on which features and functions that are being used in the
presentation. Two things I did like about Elluminate was that you could
download a copy of the real-time caption file (if the presentation was
being captioned) as well as a copy of the presentation itself. If there
was a need to make an alternate format of the content, this would
simplify the process.

I believe NC State looked at the accessibility of several different
platforms a few years ago; it was a presentation at CSUN in either 2005
or 2006. I do not know if they have continued its implementation but I
do know they were involved in accessibility related feedback. While it
certainly had some access issues, my experience was that it did some
things well and other areas it needed improvement.

Take care,

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