[Athen] Looking for keyboard support on Dreamweaver

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Look under Edit and use the Up Arrow to find Keyboard Shortcuts which is the
second item from the bottom of the list. Or you can press Alt + E, Y. This
opens a dialog which loads all of the keyboard commands.

Press the Tab key until you get to the "export set as HTML" button which I
think will let you create an HTML page of the keyboard commands. I haven't
done this in a while but think this will be the output.

BTW, I find that I work just as much in the code view of Dreamweaver as I do
in the design view. I also still work with my CSS documents in NotePad
because I find they format better/easier/more like programming.

Cheers, Karen

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I have used Dreamweaver off and on for several years but never really tried
to get a thorough understanding of its details.

I would make more use of it if I knew of some way to set up keystroke
shortcuts in it for specific actions. For example, in Word, I can use
alt-control-1 for a header 1. I'd like to be able to get the headers,
center and similar features more quickly than going through 3-4-5 menus.

Anyone know how I might either find a list of shortcut keys already built
into Dreamweaver or how I might be able to custom-make some for myself?

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