[Athen] feedback on change of venue for Accessing Higher Ground 2009

Rebecca Lund lundr at augsburg.edu
Tue Jan 27 12:34:32 PST 2009

I'm sad to learn that ATHEN is going to move the conference to a different location. I thoroughly enjoyed the closeness to the quaint cobblestone shopping area on Pearl Street and the beautiful walkway in the back of the hotel. True, it was a bit cold at that time of year to do much outdoor walking, but there was one day that was exceptionally nice.

Plus, the concierge and the waitstaff in the restaurant were all wonderful with suggestions and ideas of where to eat outside of the hotel and proximity to various areas of interest, transportation, etc.

I have to admit that I would be fairly bored going to a location that has nothing around it and having to eat only at the hotel in the evenings. As the conference doesn't usually extend into the evening hours, participants are pretty much on their own for their own downtime. It would be nice not to have to take a taxi in to Denver or Boulder, but if there was transportation available for free from the hotel to other venues in either of these locations, then I would consider it.


Rebecca Lund
Accommodations Specialist
CLASS Department
(612) 330-1353

>>> Howard Kramer <hkramer at colorado.edu> 1/27/2009 12:32 PM >>>

Hello All:

We're 90% decided on moving the conference to the Westin (in Westminster),
about 15 miles south east of Boulder and about 13 miles from downtown
Denver. You can view the hotel website at
The meeting space is much nicer, so are the sleeping rooms, it's more
accessible and it's a much newer hotel. The room prices will be the same as
last year - $119, including free wireless in the rooms and a $10 coupon for

However, before we make a final decision, I'd like to hear feedback from the
ATHEN group since this is the official conference of the organization. Does
anyone have any strong objections. The drawback of the location is that it's
not Boulder (or Denver). But there's just nothing in Boulder that can
provide better meeting space.

We're also thinking about extending the conference a half-day, ending on
Saturday noon.

As always, I look forward to your feedback.


Howard Kramer
AHG Conference Coordinator
fax: 492-5601

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