[Athen] Thanks for the Dragon/MathTalk/Scientific Notebook advice

Hong, Glenda Glenda.E.Hong at lonestar.edu
Wed Jul 22 06:38:03 PDT 2009

Thanks to all of you for the advice and helpful links to legal findings.
Things are beginning to move forward and our District Director of
Disability Services (at the Lone Star College System Office) and our
college Vice President of Student Services have come in to the picture
to advocate for change so things are looking a little better than they
have been (smile). The Workscan station that we use for high speed
scanning and all our alt. formatting is back up and running (had to be
replaced) but we are still not able to work with the MathTalk system. We
are taking it one day at a time trying new things and I now have hope
that we will find a resolution. The other computers will probably be
wiped and set up again to make sure we have nothing left of Conflicka or
any other virus before fall semester begins. I want you to know that I
value the support of ATHEN and enjoy reading all the emails, even though
I don't often put in my two cents worth. Have a great rest of the
summer. gh ATACP Houston, TX 1999

Glenda Hong

Assistive Technology Lab

2700 W. W. Thorne Drive

Academic 201-A

Houston, TX 77073-3499

281-618-5745 phone

281-618-7107 fax

Glenda.E.Hong at lonestar.edu


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