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Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Wed Jun 3 06:51:13 PDT 2009

Good morning,

Yesterday I sent out a request for folks to participate in the QIAT Grows Up
transition survey. This survey is not an effort of AHEAD, nor indorsed or
supported by AHEAD. It is an effort of the QIAT Grows UP project. You
can find out more about the project at their website

The intent of the survey is to assess the current perceptions on the part of
students who have transitioned form secondary to postsecondary ed. The
results of the survey will contribute to the discussion on transition during
this year's QIAT summit to be held later this month in Roseville MN.

My apologies for any confusion or concern I may have created in my effort to
assist this group in their work.

Ron Stewart


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Remember you are making a difference in someone's life and you never know
how your time and efforts will be passed forward. That is something to look
forward to in the morning!

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