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Paul Harpur p.harpur at qut.edu.au
Wed Jun 3 14:35:19 PDT 2009

I am a blind academic in a similar position so I'd be happy to help out and use my universities IT resources.
I found Blackboard generally works better with Firefox than IE but I have not tested the wikki functions with Jaws yet.

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Hi everyone,

I am forwarding the following question in behalf of one of our friends and
former student. We as Athen Professionals probably need to conduct
accessibility evaluation on selected WIKIs. Anyone is interested to work
with me on the assessment of selected WIKIs?

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Dear List:

I'm a blind assistant professor who is contemplating using wikis in one
of my classes. Could anyone recommend a wiki that is particularly
accessible to those of us using screen readers? I use the latest version
of JAWS for Windows. Thank you for any recommendations.


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