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Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Mon Jun 8 10:47:34 PDT 2009

> I wanted to note that my experience with MathType was
> less than favorable, although I was trying to create
> nemeth, as opposed to audio Math. Scientific Notebook
> did a far superior job, as MsthType rendered many
> errors in producing problem sets for a developmental Algebra class.


Have you documented where you encountered problems with the translation
of MathType content to Nemeth and would you be willing to share that
information? I ran into some issues when going from MS Word/MathType to
Duxbury as well. Most of the errors we encountered were issues with the
type of symbol we used in MathType that affected the conversion process.

Here are a few things we found to aid in the conversion from MS
Word/MathType to Nemeth:

- For matrices, verify the organization of the matrix in the .DXB file.
Sometimes the first or second row of the matrix will be indented and
not left-aligned.

- Use the "overbar" symbol for vectors. The hotkey is "Ctrl+^, Right
Arrow". The symbol itself should expand if additional characters are
added beneath the vector symbol.

- Use MathType parentheses and brackets. The hotkey is Ctrl+9 for

- For fractions, use the horizontal bar. The hotkey is Ctrl+f and is
also known as the "full-size fraction".

Take care,
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