[Athen] Scanning and Read and Write Gold for Mac

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Wed Jun 10 16:32:15 PDT 2009

> Sean, if I understand you correctly you have a document
> that is already in PDF format and are trying to get Read
> and Write Gold to scan/read it?

The short answer is Yes, I am trying to get Read and Write Gold for Mac
to scan/OCR a PDF document. It is an image-based PDF; that is, there is
no actual text for PDFAloud to read. I have been playing with the
PDFAloud component, but the types of PDF documents we have are
image-based and need to be scanned/OCR'd by R&W Gold before they can be
processed by PDFAloud.

The issue I am encountering (and it seems others have encountered this
as well) is that R&W Gold for Mac will not recognize the PDF file
extension as a format to be scanned. This is not a problem on the
Windows version (I scanned/OCR'd a 12 page, image-based PDF document and
it worked fine with PDFAloud). The problem is on the Mac platform and
R&W Gold's inability to recognize PDF as a valid file format to be

Thanks much for your feedback.

Take care,
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