[Athen] Computer log on without assistance

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Can you change his Windows config to eliminate the log in screen or does
that violate security?-ed.

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Hi everyone,

We have a paraplegic staff member who has to have someone type his password
for him to logon. I am looking for some way that he can log on to his
computer without assistance. Once he's logged on, he uses a straw to type in
an onscreen keyboard-but, at this time, the straw doesn't work UNTIL he's
logged on. The program that works with the straw is called WiViK 3.2. We
have been testing the onscreen keyboard that comes with Vista/XP and-when
used at the logon screen-it seems buggy. For one thing, I can't make it come
up automatically; another problem is that the keyboard keeps freezing up. I
have e-mailed the vendor of WiViK, but have not heard back from them yet.

I once saw a vicinity name tag [RFID] that logged the wearer into a windows
computer if the name tag was within 5 feet of the computer, and logged the
user out if they were outside that range. This seems like a better solution
to me than the buggy onscreen keyboard. However, I can't seem to find anyone
who makes this product.

We are going to have a student starting in the fall who also has mobility
challenges; we would like to have some solution before he begins school.

Biometric logons are not a possibility.

Has anyone run into this problem before and how did you solve it?

Thank you for any assistance,

Laurel Marotta

Data Security Analyst

Information Technology Services

University of Michigan - Flint

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