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Shelley Haven rmhaven at stanford.edu
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If I'm not mistaken, it's not a matter of Apple enabling these features on the earlier iPhone or iPod Touch via software -- it's that the features require the internal hardware of the newer iPhone to work. While the iPhone 3G and 3GS look identical on the outside, the internal workings are very different. In essence, Apple enables those features by providing a new piece of hardware -- the 3GS -- capable of running them.

And if I am mistaken...please correct me. <grin>

- Shelley Haven

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Apple has released the new OS, but with several huge drawbacks...

VoiceOver is not available on the iPod Touch or iPhone. One must
purchase the iPhone 3Gs in order to use the screenreader. Voice Control
is also exclusive to the 3Gs (which Apple made clear at last week's
Other exclusive features include the ability to record and edit video.

Be forewarned! If this is the only reason that you are interested in
purchasing the updated OS for your device, wait until enough of us
complain and Apple enables these features.

Chris Doucet
Academic Computing Analyst
Teachers College at Columbia University

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