[Athen] feedback on round-table networking time at AHG 2009

Hadi Rangin hadi at illinois.edu
Thu Jun 18 07:15:18 PDT 2009

Hi Howard,

How about moving the keynote talk to the beginning of the main program right
after the breakfast and setting up bird-of-a-feather sessions during lunch
time on the 1st day of the conference? This is a typical format at many
conferences I know.
At this time we don't have any sub-groups or user groups but we can easily
come up with some interest areas and find volunteers to lead those
bird-of-a-feather sessions.

We could use the second lunch time as the entertainment/award/misc program.


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> Hello All:


> Over the years we've received feedback that the Accessing Higher Ground

> Conference should allow some time for round-table/networking discussion.


> This year, with the longer schedule, I think we should be able to fit this

> in. What do ATHEN members think of this? I had envisioned 5 or 6 one hour

> slots through the 2 and a half days of the main conference where there

> would be round-tables, perhaps facilitated by an volunteer on topics such

> as "alternate format production," "accessibility of campus web pages,"

> etc. This "meetings" would run concurrent to the standard presentations.


> Any feedback, comments would be appreciated.


> Thanks,

> Howard


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