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Denise Wood norm.coombs at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 07:55:47 PDT 2009

Press Release
PRESS RELEASE: Hellen Keller Day in Second Life
Contact person: Saxet Uralia

The 24-hour event PDT will be held all day Saturday, June 27 at the four
The Ye, Olde, Supporte, Faire
sims. ((http://slurl.com/secondlife/Faire/20/222/38)

Linden Lab is collaborating with and assisting Virtual Helping Hands and a
coalition of community volunteers who are proud to announce Helen Keller
Day in Second Life. Helen Keller Day is a community-event exploring how and
why to employ, educate, entertain, and engage everyone through virtual worlds.

Helen Keller Day is a day that is set aside for information acquisition,
education, exploration of employment opportunities, social engagement, and
enjoyment of arts and entertainment... There will be vendors, employers,
presentations, and pure, unbridled fun.

It's a day dedicated to raising our level of awareness for our fellow
Second Life residents who cope with disabilities. At some time in our
lives, we've all felt what it feels like not to be able to
participate... not to be included. Knowing how to include someone with a
disability, and make them feel welcome, is an important social skill, and a
small but significant kindness that we can all benefit from and feel good

Participants will meet people learn things, get freebies, and be
entertained for their efforts.

You will hear keynote speakers Keller Johnson Thompson, the great
grandniece of Helen herself and Linden Labs Education and Healthcare
Developer, John Lester, aka Pathfinder Linden. You will hear from experts
in the fields of virtual education, employment, social engagement and
entertainment. There will be building contests featuring skilled builders
doing accessible builds before our virtual eyes. There will be a world
premier "movie" featuring "Max," the virtual guide dog developed in Second
Life for SL users who are blind or sight impaired. Also featured will be
an exhibition of Max's abilities, a fashion show, chess, a Braille chat
display, dancing, singing quests and storytelling... even a virtual goldmine!

There will be experiences designed to spark the imagination and "see" and
"hear" the world with all the senses in new and thought provoking ways.
Join the pioneers in virtual worlds who are inspired by the spirit of Helen
Keller to explore ways in which everyone can participate...and create a
world that richer for all.

Please come and learn, connect, explore, be entertained, and pick up
freebies while sharing this positive and uplifting experience with us.
I think this press will interest some of the people on these lists. Don't
email me for information as I don't know more than what is in the press
release below:

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